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Digital Mastering for Record Labels

dab records have supplied online digital mastering of music and tracks to a variety of different dance music record labels in Essex, London, throughout the UK, Europe and, around the world to date.

It is a great pleasure to work with different labels, different music producers and artists, each has their individual style, sound, genre, equipment and room set up. dab records then learn and understand their sound and feeling in their music. dab records always deliver the quality master they expect from an online digital music mastering service.

Listen to some of our mastering examples today.

dab records - commercial mastering

Label & Producer Mastering Supplier

We have compiled a page that details just some of the record labels we have supplied digital mastering too, and worked with over the last 10 years. Some are new, and some are well established in House and Dance Music, Electro, Techno, DnB, and the general dance music scene.

Over the years these labels have had a great list of well know artists and producers signed to them. Take a look at some of the labels we have worked with, you may have even danced to tracks we have mastered, in a club, a party or through a live stream in you home? Take a look and a listen at our online mastering rates and send us your music to dab records.

Take a look at our online mastering rates today.

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Inspirado Records

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In House Records

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Ibiza Boys

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Im A House Gangster

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Rhythm Control Records

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Sub Sensory Recordings

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US UK Records

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Odour Recordings

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Van Czar Series

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Reflective Music

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Nothing But

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FogBank Records

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LW Recordings

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Stripped Digital

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King Street Sounds

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Mr Jack Recordings

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Cieli Di Orione

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Great Lakes Audio

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Rejekt Music

Artist & Mastering Support

dab records have also had great support from various DJs over the years and our mastering service and been heard on a huge number of mixes and streams. The tracks we have mastered for different producers and labels have featured in numerous top 10 Beatport and Traxsource playlists, our digital masters have been mixed, blended, and mashed by hundreds of DJs across the world and played in different clubs and online music radio stations across the UK, Europe, and the US.

With the continued interest in music production across the globe by professional producers and more and more bedroom or home producers, to new or well-established bands wanting to get their tracks heard, the need for professional mastering is greater than ever.

Probably the least known and the last ten per-cent of music production is digital mastering and producing a great-sounding digial master. DJs playing music and a new wave of talented mixers, music producers, and DJs are always flowing through the scene.

We have listened too, and mastered some great music for some great record labels lately and more artists will be signed to these record labels over the next few years. Keep an eye, and an ear on our Mastering Charts page where we showcase some of the best and our favorite tracks to be digitally mastered through dab records online mastering service. For more info send the studio a mail or visit our Contact page. Your next track could be mastered through dab records.

Mastering DJ Support

Carl Cox

Mastering DJ Support

Todd Terry

Mastering DJ Support

DJ Sneak

Mastering DJ Support

Marco Carola

Mastering DJ Support

Djonah Laforge

DAB & Radio Plays

Over the past 10 years our masters have featured in many different mixes on the radio and in live streams, here is a list of just a few of them:

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Chicago House FM

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House Salad FM

House Salad FM

808 Live Radio Logo

808 Live Radio

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New York City House Radio

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Amsterdamn FM

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BBC 1 Xtra

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Data Transmission Radio

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Carl Cox Global Radio

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ddb FM

Digital Mastering dab records

Digital mastering of your mix

dab records provide your pristine audio mastering as a 44kHz 24bit format resolution audio file, we can also provide additional masters at 192Khz 24Bit WAV, AIFF, or MP3 or AAC compatible format for iTunes. We can also master music for YouTube, Spotify, or SoundCloud.

Online Mastering dab records

Online mastering examples

dab records provide pristine digital audio broadcast mastering at the most competitive price, we use the best hardware and digital DSP equipment available. Our mastered tracks have featured on Beatport Traxsource and iTunes top 10's with airplay on well know DAB radio.

Online Mastering Tools dab records

Mastering tools and equipment

We love music and quality sounding tracks, and want you to have the most superior sound quality to your music and master. We use the same equipment and techniques used by established engineers and industry legends and can compete with the best mastering houses out there.