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Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB)

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is the digital radio standard for broadcasting digital audio radio services in many countries around the world, however this is not used in North America where HD Radio is the standard for digital radio.

dab records supply digital audio mastering for broadcast purposes. We have supplied many labels and producrers with a commercial master of their tracks that can compete with the loudness and sound quality of some of the best mastering houses in the world.

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dab records - digital audio mastering

Digital and Analog Mastering

Analog mastering uses analog equipment to process your audio and prepare it for commercial distribution. digital mastering is the process of using digital equipment and software to process your audio and for for commercial distribution.

At dab records we use digital equipment for mastering, we can master your music digitally where you will receive a hig resolution 24 bit Wav file or we can master you track for vinyl distribution. The decision is yours. Check out our online mastering rates.

Online Mastering Tools, Cost & Questions?

dab records provide pristine, high-resolution digital mastering, we use the best hardware and digital DSP audio equipment available to us, we master using the same techniques, tricks, and knowledge as some of the best masting houses in the world.

dab records provide online digital mastering at the most competitive online price. We want to give any artist or producer on any budget the chance to hear their production or mixdown at a professional and commercial level.

See our About dab page to find out mastering, mixing, co production and production assistance cost are.

The purpose of audio mastering music is to take an audio mix and prepare it for distribution, reach the commercial loudness and ensure playback is consistent across all systems and media formats, without losing the dynamic range or clipping. dab records polish a mix, balance the stereo, and enhance all the individual elements, in their own space. We aim to create a great sound dynamic master with a cohesive and clear sound.

Send dab records your music via, wetransfer.com using our mail address studio@dabrecords.co.uk

ISRC stands for The International Standard Recording Code. It is an identification system for sound and music video recordings. the ISRC system will help you to track the sales and radio play of your recordings.

Dynamic range is the difference between the loudest and quietest part of a mix, these two points are called the dynamic range of a song.,a mastering engineer's job to maintain the range of the original on not crush or squash the sound.

Dab records can provide additional mastering at an additional cost, as an artist you may need different masters at different levels for different outputs, and in, different encoded formats: A DJ set, Soundcloud, Itunes, YouTube, Streaming. Please contact us to discuss where you want your track to be played and sounding great and we will tell you what you need. Contact dab records today.

dab records - radio ready mastering

dab records Mixdown Checklist

- Sound Check (Mono | Car | Earbuds)

- No clipping in any channel or master

- Enough headroom (-3.5 to -6 Db)

- All song elements are balanced

- Nothing on the master channel

- No Dither, No Normalizing

- Sample rate: Min 44.100HZ

- Export @ 24Bit WAV or AIFF

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Sending Audio to dab records

Make sure you are happy with your mixdown, you are not clipping and have emoved any “Loudness” limiting or processing o the mix bus. Your output is around -3.5 to -6Db and you have listed to it in the car, on a phone and in headphones etc. dab redords are not magicians, and the mastering stage can only improve and expand on something that is already sounding good!

You can send your track any way you like via dropbox, Gmail, or any other way. We like www.wetransfer.com free. we use we transfer for receiving and sending music files, its simple, free, and also quick. Contact us or send us your track today! wetransfer.com using our mail address studio@dabrecords.co.uk.

An invoice will be sent you when the mastering is complete, you pay for the mastering service and we send you the masters. we want you to be happy and we want to work with you so we also offer a free revision if you have eityher noticed something in your mix want to change and or think we could have done better. Contact dab records today.

We are and online mastering, therfore our digital mastering costs reflect our mastering rates and prices. Check out our about us page to find out mastering, mixing, co production ans assistance cost are.

You will discover our process is very clean, fast and easy for the producer or artist. We love mastering music and we love to get it back to you normally within a few days, so you can hear our work for yourself.

Online digital mastering is the easiest way for you to hear what you sound like being mixed or in a playlist after your favorite artists. So now there is no excuse, Get your track finished, get online, and send us you music today!

iTunes Mastering Examples

Lifes Good - Sergio Vilas Original Mix / Get Carter VIP Mix

A Game - Riki Inocente Original Mix / Todd Terry Mix

Get Down - Patrick Meeks Original Mix / Radio Edit

dab records - looking for music producers

We want your music

We want you to send us your music, your mixdown or you ideas. We will work with you to polish your sound. We know the music, the sound, and the quality is important in the digital world. Contact dab records today.

dab records - online mastering services

Online mixing and mastering

dab records online mixing and mastering. We help on, mastering, co/production or design you a logo, website or brand you as a commercial artist, sound amazing and sort your digital image today at dab records.

dab records - mastering studio

Mixing and mastering studio

The best audio processing DSP softwate, combined with transparant monitors, great plugins, equipment and experience to make almost any well-mixed track sound clean, dynamic, polished, lust like a hit record.