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dab records - commercial music mastering

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dab records is an independent, professional yet affordable mastering service. We digitally master your music from any music genre so it is ready for the replication and broadcasting commercial market. dab records master and re-master music for Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB), including WAV, Mp3, and Vinyl distribution.

dab records is your next digital mastering studio, music production, sound design, and artist branding company. We are online and open to any music fan, our mastering studio is located in Chelmsford, Essex. For more info, Contact dab records.

dab records - commercial mastering

We have over 20 years of experience in the music industry, and over 10 years in online mastering, sound design, music production and branding, we want to provide, you the producer / artist, outstanding audio mastering and music production services, at affordable online mastering rates.

dab records online mastering service, master your music ready for the commercial music market. We master music for Wav, Mp3, iTunes and Streaming distribution, perfect for any new producer, unsigned artists, or independent musicians, right through to any major record label. Listen to some of our mastering examples today.

Mixing & Mastering Services

Online Mastering Service

Make sure no 'Limiter' or 'Compression' is on the master channel, ensure none of your channels are clipping and your output file is around -6 dB. Send a 24-bit, 44.1kHz files in WAV or AIFF format only we will not master any MP3, WMA, M4A, or AAC files as these are low resolution, “lossy” formats.

For more info on dab records and how to send us music, please visit Mastering faqs.

Send your track using wetransfer.com using our mail address studio@dabrecords.co.uk If you plan to release specifically for streaming services please confirm in the subject.

We will send an invoice with paypal, online banking details. Once paid, we wil send the mastered file 24Bit audio file, an official RMS, and Dynamic range of your mastered song. dab records are of high quality, and low cost, online mastering services. Contact dab or send us an Email us studio@dabrecords.co.uk or send us your track today via wetransfer.com.

dab records professional online mastering is where you send us a track via the internet, we master it and send it back, you do not attend the mastering but you can provide any information you want and we would also like a high quality reference track.

Listen to some of our mastering examples.

Our online mastering service is perfect for any music maker from an unsigned artist or independent musician’s right through to any major label. dab records can master your music in the correct format and volume levels.

See what record labels we have supplied mastering too.

Contact dab recordstoday to discuss your unique production, how to send us your music and how we can help you master the mix for streaming or distribution release!

For examples of our iTunes mastering, please visit the Faq's page.

Visit the Contact dab page or send us your music now. Send us your track today! wetransfer.com using our mail address studio@dabrecords.co.uk.

Mixing & Mastering Rates

Online Digital Mastering Costs

Mastering 1 track £25

Mastering 3 tracks £70

Mastering 7 tracks £140

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Online Stem Mastering Costs

Mastering 15 stems £85

Mastering 25 stems £125

Mastering 30 stems £200

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Mixdown, Production Assistance Costs

Project Mixdown £85

Co Production P/H

NI Mastering 4 Tracks £85

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Artist Design & Branding

Professional Logo and Branding

Band or Artist Website

Band or Artist Social Media

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Mastering All Music Genres

Web Branding Services

dab records - vinyl music mastering services

Website and logo design

Virtually every single music artist has a logo, brand image, website, band page, social media or some form of web visibility. Do you need us to create a logo, website or branding so you are not just heard sounding like a chart topper, but your digital image looks like one too.

Contact dab records today. with you artist branding ideas and we can get you visible on the web, looking and sounding like a superstar studio@dabrecords.co.uk.

dab records - digital music mastering services

A new image and sound

dab records can help you create your online image to support you great-sounding music and presence on the web.

We have over 20 years experience in branding, websites, and logo design, we also have 10 years experience in social media and digital marketing and love a bit of good SEO. Contact us today and start your artist branding. studio@dabrecords.co.uk.

Branding Questions

dab records online branding services

web design

brand design

logo design

Social Media design

Contact dab records today for a quote.

Prices will depend on many factors, what service, a one off or monthly support? Long term retainer or just how long we spend on a particular service or as a package deal. Contact dab records today for a quote.

We can't guarantee that we can make you famous, your music, your production and mainly you are the key to all this. dab records are here to help you polish that key and make it open doors for you by looking great, and sounding even better.

dab records can ensure your sound quality and your online image is as professional-looking as the pop, rock, indie, electro, funk, jazz or dance music stars you want to emulate. Contact dab records.

If your mixing needs another set of ears, new ideas, send us your mixdown/stems, if your current mastering enginner has a different vision to you, contact us, but if you can't mix and your production is rubbish, we know peole that can help you for that too. Contact dab records.

If you are seen make sure your looking good, and in todays world there is a lot of competition, on the TV, on DAB Radio, Online, Social Media, all on your phone, in your face or in your ears.

In order to be followed, tweeted, and all that jazz, having a professional sound and image will keep you in other people brains, we want to help you get that, go on contact us today, what about now? Contact dab.

dab records masters have been played in some of the top clubs and venues by the worlds top DJs

dab records mastering charts

dab records have helped artists and producers with professional mastering for the last 12 years. Check out our current top 10 masters, the producer, and what record lable the tracks have been released on.

dab records - online mastering studio

dab records sound design

dab records are sound designers, we provide an audio, branding & consultancy service. Music is designed for Commercials, Promotions, Adverts, Trailers, and Games. We create unique tracks composed to your requiremnts.

dab records - commercial music mastering

Producer & production

Tired of hearing the same type of sound out of your music production? Choose dab records for your next project, we have over 10 years experience in production and online mastering.