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With over 10 years in digital mastering, sound design, music production on-line branding, and web design. dab records can provide you outstanding, high quality, online audio mastering and music production services, at affordable rates. dab records could be your new online mastering engineer. Send dab records your music today, see how we work, and listen to how we can make you sound like a professional recording artist.

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Are you a new electronic music producer, or are you in a new band or are you breaking into a songwriter and want to get a great sound and image online? Then think dab records. Whether you are new to the scene or an established artist or producer looking for a new digital, online mastering solution in the UK, dab records can help you with your sound and image.

dab records is a digital mastering studio, music production, sound design, and artist branding company. We are online and open to any music fan, our mastering studio is located in Chelmsford, Essex. Contact us or send us your track today! free using our mail address

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Prepare file for mastering

- Sound Check (Mono | Car | Earbuds)

- No clipping in any channel or master?

- Enough headroom (-3.5 to -6db)

- All song elements are balanced

- Nothing on the master channel

- No Dither, No Normalizing

- Sample rate: Min 44.100HZ

- Export @ 24Bit WAV or AIFF

- Send to dab records today

A: Chelmsford, Essex, England, United Kingdom

T: 07866 530839